(1990 - 2003)

Casey was a big lovable bundle of fur.


Somewhere in there were two big

brown eyes that you constantly looked

for. Eyes that said "Hi! Who are you?

I like you!" Behind, around and sometimes over these were two big floppy ears. These cried out for a rumple, which you inevitably gave them.


When the door of the elevator opened and Bill Modlin hiked out, Casey would pad along on his big paws. All of this was done in a quiet lovable way. Casey did that. He calmed you down. He made you feel better. The world was a happier place.

Casey was all this and more. He was a thoroughbred Sheepdog who entered and won a certificate for sheep trials. His winning efforts are on film. Casey was also a Therapeutic dog and proudly wore his St. John's medal when he visited the veterans at Sunnybrook Hospital.

Bill would jokingly complain that people always noticed Casey. They made a big fuss over Casey before they ever noticed him
As Casey aged, he became slower and suffered diabetes and arthritis. This never stopped him from accepting an offering of kind words and a gentle pat on the head. His tail never seemed to suffer any slow down. It waggled like a puppy's when he was meeting admirers or going for a walk with ever-attentive Bill.

Sadly, on September 30, 2003, he just couldn't waggle any more.

Casey was a ray of sunshine spelled with a capital C. We shall miss him.

- Douglas Lavery