Howdy Neighbour

An interview with Rose Dyson.

Written by Sarah Faerman.

August 2000

How long have you been at Winona Co-op?

Fourteen years.

Where were you born? 
Yorkshire, England.


Can you tell me something about your early childhood?

I grew up in Yorkshire, in a mining village and lived with my grandparents. Although I didn't have a father, I was surrounded with love,

What about your school years?
I loved school and went to high school when I was eleven years old on a scholarship. This was the only way a poor child could afford to go. I hated to leave school but had to go to work at sixteen,


Did you have a favourite job or occupation?
I studied singing for two years and then speech and drama. I always acted and sang. Although I had various jobs, my favourite work was as an actress in the professional theatre. I loved it.


We did repertory theatre, with rehearsals in the morning. The company of actors was intellectually stimulating and fun. My second favourite job was when I worked for a newspaper for three years in Canada for "The Aurora Banner". I was a typesetter, proof reader and did some writing. I loved the atmosphere there, the sense of a team getting something done.

When did'you come to Canada and what was your fitst impression?

I came, reluctantly, in the 50's with my husband and baby girl. My first impression was that Canada was huge and that the cars were big monsters! Unfortunately, lacking contacts. here, I was unable to resume acting, although I did some summer theatre.

How did 20th Century world, events affect you?

The war years destroyed my teen years. There were shortages (including men) and a great sense of being confined. We were unable to travel. I tried to join the women's forces but my employer, at the railway, wouldn't release me from work.

What is your favourite leisure activity?
Reading, music, theatre, movies, I have the opportunity to bring many of these interests into the society I belong to, "The Ulyssean Society" and in return I receive a lot of intellectual stimulation from them.

What is one of the best plays you saw recently?
"Medea" at Stratford. I have recently developed a passion fir Greek dramas. 

What do you like best at Winona?
My balcony and my friends.

What change would you like to see at Winona?
I'd like to see a tighter fiscal responsibility.

What would you say is a priority for Canada at thisAimel
Less abuse of power in every walk of life.

What is your philosophy of life?
To live as fully as one can.

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