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Co-op Housing

What is a Co-op? A good place to call home.

Housing co-ops are in every neighbourhood in the city. A co-op can be a medium size apartment building or townhouses. People who live in co-ops come from every walk of life.

There are 17,000 co-op units in the City of Toronto and York Region. Co-ops have both market units and subsidized units. Co-ops call units “market units” if the member is paying the full market price. “Subsidized units” are units where the member is paying only a portion of the full market price. The balance of the housing charge is paid by the subsidy program that the co-op works with.


Co-op housing is member controlled housing. The members who live in a co-op are the ones responsible for running the co-op.


Each member has a vote and every year members elect a Board of Directors from the membership.

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