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  • What is co-op housing?
    Non-profit housing co-ops are a form of shared ownership which provides homes to its members who purchase a share and pay a monthly housing charge.
  • How long will I have to wait to get into a co-op?
    After applying, it takes three months to three years to get into most co-ops. Some co-ops are not accepting applications, due to their long waiting list.
  • What is a monthly housing charge?
    A monthly housing charge is like rent. It’s what the members pay each month to live in the co-op.
  • Are co-ops low income housing?
    No, co-ops are mixed income communities for people of all income levels. Generally, co-ops house people of low and moderate incomes.
  • What are my other obligations as a Co-op Member?
    Other obligations include: following the Winona Co-op’s Bylaws and rules; mandatory attendance at the General Meetings (usually 3x a year with the possibility of more) paying housing charge on time keeping your unit well maintained reporting any deficiencies or needed repairs to the office by submitting work orders as they occur
  • How many hours per month do I need to volunteer?
    The minimum number of hours required per month are four. However, this may vary depending on the committee you choose to join. For example, during the spring and summer months those who are part of the Garden Committee will spend more time outdoors working on the gardens. You can inquire with each committee to find out more about expectations around time commitments.
  • Do we get to choose how we volunteer our hours?
    Yes. We encourage our members to select a committee that they feel would be the right fit for them. Choose a committee that you feel passionate about and know that you will be able to contribute with your expertise and skill set. Each committee consensually determines that committee’s schedule and the amount of hours each volunteer will be required to give.
  • May I have pets?
    Each unit can have up to two cats or dogs, subject to the Pet Policy.
  • Are there laundry facilities?
    Yes. Each floor has one shared washer and one dryer.
  • Is there storage?
    Each unit has a storage closet inside the unit. There is no other storage available at the co-op.
  • May I have a parking space? Two parking spaces?
    There is a waiting list for a parking space. There is also street parking.
  • May I have a 2-bedroom if I’m just one person?
    No. Our policies for housing allocation use the following general guidelines: 1 bedroom: 1 or 2 people 2 bedroom: 2 to 3 people
  • What do the unit floorplans look like?
  • I've applied to your co-op in the past and never heard anything. Is my application still on file?
    If you are on the Waiting List, you will be contacted annually to determine if your interest in living at Winona is still relevant. If you have not heard anything from us in over a year, we ask that you contact us. You are required to keep us updated on address, telephone number and email address changes. When a unit you requested becomes available, you will be contacted. If we do not hear from you within one week of that communication, we will deem it as a refusal. You are allowed two denials before you are placed at the bottom of the Wait List.
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